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Adjustable Task Chairs to Encourage Movement & Wellbeing

Explore our range of ergonomic task chairs engineered to promote movement and support optimal health. With a focus on comfort and back support, our adjustable task chairs redefine the sitting experience, reducing discomfort and boosting productivity.

  • All-round task chairAll-round task chair
  • Integrated armrestsIntegrated armrests
  • Best-in-class value office task chairBest-in-class value office task chair
  • Self-balance mechanismSelf-balance mechanism
  • Excellent quality task chairExcellent quality task chair
  • Automatic balance mechanismAutomatic balance mechanism
  • Best-in-class value office task chairBest-in-class value office task chair
  • Self-balance mechanismSelf-balance mechanism
  • Excellent ergonomicsExcellent ergonomics
  • Synchro mechanism, 4 locking positionsSynchro mechanism, 4 locking positions

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Quick Info

IMPORTANT: a chair which encourages you to sit for longer and/or uninterrupted periods will harm your body, mind and back health. We strongly recommend seating solutions which promote movement and restrict prolonged sitting.

Unconventional though it may sound, experts now recommend that a chair you work from must encourage you to move easily and get up and out more frequently so you can stand more and sit less. Yo-Yo DESK® offer a wide variety of Active Seating and task executive office chairs to keep you moving and sitting dynamically.

Active Stools and Chairs are ergonomically designed to focus on encouraging movement – especially the core and back muscles. You are investing in a product that will improve workflow and benefit your overall health thanks to a range of chiropractor approved designs. Browse here for a fine choice of active stools and active chairs in a variety of colour and material finishes. Our solutions offer sustainability benefits and are made from recycled materials.


Our executive office chairs are designed for those looking for a healthy yet stylish, comfortable addition to their workspace. Ideal for offices or home offices, our range of active office chairs and stools focus on function & design sophistication, with plenty of colours and sizes to choose from.

If you spend most of the day at your desk, it is important to remember to move as much as you can throughout the day. Avoid sitting too comfortably for prolonged periods as this will result in general, mental and back health issues.

For task seating or executive office we recommend lumbar support to maintain good posture whist you work. For users who have reasonable back and physical health we do not advise chairs with armrests as they may encourage you to sit for longer periods.

When investing in your office set-up, we recommend you focus your investment first on the desk, and secondly on the seating option. If you are able to stand at your desk you need a seating solution which allows you to rest for short periods. Frequent transition between sitting and standing will result in greater metabolic rate, oxygen flow to the brain, improved posture and greater all round health benefits (including back health).


Avoid Prolonged Sitting

The health risks linked to “prolonged sitting” are extensively researched. When we sit, we need to avoid bouts of 30 minutes or more and regularly break-up sitting with standing, a stretch or a mini walk. All movement helps to activate or "jump start" important physiological organs.

Keeps You Moving

Active Seating solutions help us to sit less and move more when using a sit-stand or standing desk. They make it difficult for us to remain static and thus easier to move to our next position. Health experts say "your next position is your best position" so when we do sit – we are able to move more easily and more often.

Engage Core Muscles

Active Seating solutions differ from regular desk chairs or task chairs, because they encourage frequent movement which engages core muscles groups. They also facilitate the hips to slant slightly forward, moving your back into positive alignment and thereby reducing the risk of slouching.

Increase Productivity

What’s more, these ergonomic seating solutions increase productivity too. Improved concentration and less physical strain will help you develop a more positive attitude to help you get your work done


The best office chair for back pain is one that's highly adjustable and allows movement. If you suffer from chronic back pain, you will need to have back support. Invest wisely - often a physio can advise you on what solution to focus on and why but we would recommend you consider the ergonomic HAG range.


According to the NHS website, your knees should be slightly lower than your hips and your feet should be flat on the floor or if not, use a footrest. Do not cross your legs as this may cause posture-related aches and pains. An adjustable chair (tilt, height and recline) will make sure your lower back is properly supported, and if you are using a keyboard then make sure your chair is positioned so you can use it with straight wrists and hands (level with the floor).


The saddle chair has become the seat of choice for dentists and anaesthetists because they are shown to reduce spinal pressure and therefore prevent spinal injury. This is a widespread problem in these professions due to the long periods spent sitting. However, office workers can sit less and move more easily if they use a standing desk. Therefore, we recommend considering seating solutions which are easier for you to get up and down from.