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In recent years international research on Sedentary Behaviour (SB) has increased dramatically and there is growing evidence (see below) that a multitude of serious health risks may be connected to "prolonged" and "excessive" sitting. Sedentary Behaviour science is still emerging, however the evidence to date is compelling. A variety of studies warn that sedentary lifestyles are likely to be causing as many deaths as smoking.

Please check our complete research index. We make reference to evidence listed in the Expert Statement (Blue) and supplementary research studies (Red).

Below you will find our Top 10 Risks. These risks typically grow the higher your "Sitting Calculator" but more significantly for those sitting above 8 - 10 hours per day.

"Click to Expand"[Note] All research references are indexed and can be found in the Research links section.

Click here for further details on research report and study links and downloads.


Health Risks

When sitting more than 4 hours a day. This may raise your eyebrows.


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Invitation to leaders & decision makers from FM, HR, Health & Wellness sectors.

Top 10 Risks

Key health risks you face when sitting more than 4 hours each day.

Active Working

Simple solutions to encourage standing and movement at work.

On Your Feet Britain

Thursday 27th April 2023 Wiggle it, Waggle it. Just don't sit on it.